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Implantable Contact Lens Reviews – Christine

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Christine is from Manchester and she had ‘Trifocal and Varifocal’ lens implants to correct her vision.

The main reason she had vision correction surgery was to get rid of her prescription glasses, as she had too many glasses, a pair for work, spare glasses in her car and others, while her husband resented to so many prescription glasses floating around.

She choose AVC, after hearing about Advanced Vision Care from her son-in-law, who had underwent vision correction surgery previously at AVC. Who also said that treatment at AVC is excellent and so is the after-care.

In her own words “ICL treatment has changed her her lifestyle completely as quality of her life has improved immensely”

She has had her six month check up, she didn’t have a problem on a single day since her vision correction surgery. She has been to holidays without any problems with her Implantable Contact Lenses and enjoys excellent vision.

In the video below, Christine describes her new vision following surgery at AVC:

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