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“I was told that nothing could be done – until I contacted AVC” – Lens Replacement Review

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“I have always been very conscious about my eyes since childhood, where I had been diagnosed with a lazy eye. My eyesight never really improved, and I ended up having stronger and stronger lenses to compensate. I was also told over the years that nothing could be done, until I contacted AVC.

AVC carried out the consultation which was fantastic, and it gave me great confidence in the fact that they could help me, but without any pressure for me to go ahead.

My experience was very relaxed, even during the course of treatment to both eyes, and at no time did I experience any discomfort.

The treatment has completely changed the way I live my life, no longer having to rely on glasses or lenses to see. I cannot express my gratitude to AVC enough for this, and the follow up appointments were comforting and professional.”

Patricia S. underwent her Lens Replacement Toric Monofocal treatment in November 2017

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