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I wanted to congratulate you on the quality and level of service I received whilst having lens replacement treatment at AVC. After searching around on the internet, I kept coming across a company called AVC in London, which was receiving very high recommendations. Anyone asking about other companies that perform the same surgeries were directed by people in chat forums to AVC, I now know why. From the greeting of the receptionist through to the surgery and aftercare, I could not have been more satisfied.

The whole team were professional, informative and genuinely caring about me and my eyes. All treatment options were explained and the most important part of this to me was the expectation of my vision after the operation. Previous companies I had been to, had always said my vision would be perfect. AVC advised me that they could guarantee it would be good; exceptional was possible, but never guaranteed as everyone’s eyes are different. (After my treatment I was able to read as good as I could with my glasses, this will improve over the next few weeks, giving even more clarity). The surgical team showed a high level of professionalism and caring on the day of surgery. In the space of two hours I saw six different people, each with a specific role. At no time during this was I left alone, it was like an orchestra; everyone knowing exactly when to play their instrument. My wife accompanied me on the day, during my surgery the team ensured that she was looked after and was comfortable too. Special thanks needs to be paid to Pawel as he made sure that before, during and after the treatment I was kept informed and felt comfortable. I will recommend you to all who ask, and will tell my story to others. Thank you.

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