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Francine Curtis – Cataract Multifocal IOL

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I have been considering CLE since reading an earlier 2 years ago in a local paper. Until recently I never had the courage to do anything about it. I was so fed up with wearing glasses/contact lenses all the time that I thought I have to do something about this.

Then I rang Mike Harbord a local opticians who advised they were holding an open evening with representatives from AVC. I attended the open evening and not only was I very impressed with their presentation but able to listen to other peoples experiences of the different procedures. I then had a consultation at Mike Harbord’s and was told I was suitable for monofocal lenses but borderline for multifocal, which was what I really wanted so i could be glasses free. They suggested I went for a full consultation with Mr Pillai at AVC Harley Street as they have all the equipment.

Mr Pillai was really help and after many different tests, clearly explained my options. He said they could do multifocal lenses but I may still need ready readers for prolonged computer and threading a needle.

I decided to go ahead and booked my treatment dates for April(Easter time) as there was an opportunity to have my eyes done a day apart. This suited me as I had the long Easter weekend to recover before returning to work.

In the time leading up to my procedure I had a severe attack of nerves, 2nd thoughts and became very worried. During this time I came into contact with Pawel Marcinkowski the clinical manager. He was fantastic, nothing was too much trouble. He always responded to my emails very promptly answering all my questions and putting my mind at rest (even on Saturdays).

From the moment I arrived at the clinic Pawel was great. He introduced me to Dr Goran Helgason and explained how nervous I was; they both helped me to relax and told me what would be happening.

The clinic was excellent as was all the clinical staff I met, sop professional and caring.

Following all the eye drops I was taken in to have the right eye done first and couldn’t believe the difference immediately.

I didn’t feel a thing. Dr Helgason said I am going to do something to stop you blinking and then I felt what seemed like lots of fluid flushing through my eye. I saw a spiralling in front of my eyes and Dr Helgason said that was the new lens and he was positioning it. Then that was it, all finished. I couldn’t believe it was so quick. The actual procedure only took 20 minutes. Most of your time is spent prior to this when they put drops in and then in recovery.

Afterwards I thought I would just want to relax at the hotel, but I felt really good we went for a walk and had lunch in Covent Garden.

I woke up during the night and read the time on the clock at the bottom of the tv. I suddenly realised what I had done, as this was never possible before without putting my glasses on. I was so excited, this was with just having one eye done, and things could only get better.

The next day I was not nervous at all (so very different to the day before when I was so anxious), I knew exactly what to expect.

My left eye was quite different though. It took a while to stop stinging and watering so I had to stay at the clinic longer until it settled down. I did read in the literature that the second eye is often more uncomfortable because the brain knows what is going to happen.

The following day I went for a check up with Mr Pillai before returning home.

I couldn’t believe it, he said my vision was 20/20 which was much better than I had expected. I could read the last line on the test card which was amazing as it was predicted that I would be able to read 3 lines from the bottom.

I am now on the fourth week. I have been experiencing a bit of dry eye with my left eye. Apparently it’s not unusual in the recovery period and I am still using the drops. I am experiencing bright lights but it is a small price to pay, when I am walking around without glasses.

I am driving my husband mad, as I still can’t believe how well I can see and keep reading things out to him as we drive along. Unfortunately for him, I am also spotting things around the house like cobwebs or things that need doing that I hadn’t noticed before.

I had trifocal lenses and I am really impressed with the results and the difference it  has made. So far even though I bought some ready readers for my computer at work, I haven’t needed them. Yippee….

I have just had my 2 week check up at Harley Street and they were very pleased, everything is well. I hope my experience helps anyone who is feeling as nervous as I was, who is undecided whether to take the plunge.

The procedure really isn’t anything to worry about.

I would not hesitate to recommend AVC, all the wonderful staff who do a brilliant job and the CLE treatment to anyone.

Thank you to everyone at AVC.

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