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Having worn contact lenses for over 25 years my eyes suddenly became intolerant to gas permeable lenses. My optician suggested I change to soft lenses, whilst these were more comfortable my vision was not good enough and I still had problems with them. My sister in law had her laser eye treatment at Advanced Vision Care and suggested I went to see them for a consultation. Laser eye treatment was not an option for me as my prescription was -11; it was recommended that I have the Lens Replacement operation. I was apprehensive to go through 2 operations, but they have been life changing. Advanced Vision Care were fantastic right the way through. Everything is explained so you know exactly what to expect. It is wonderful to never have to wear contact lenses again. My distance vision is better than it has ever been. I have now done much more swimming than I have ever done as I can see in the water. I do have to wear reading glasses but this is a small price to pay as I now have much better vision than I have ever had.

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