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Diane Recommends AVC for CLE Treatment

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Diane’s journey through a Clear Lens Exchange treatment at AVC

I was able to see perfectly after CLE was performed on my first eye, which was brilliant!

In September, Diane came to Advanced Vision Care for vision correction. To determine the best course of action, she not only went through an intense eye testing programme but she was also sent for an additional specialist eye check-up by AVC at a diagnostic centre.

On her surgery day, her pupils were dilated, then her left eye was operated on the first day. This was successful so on the second day her right eye was operated on. According to Diane, her operating surgeon was ‘amazing’.

Even though Diane had a very high prescription prior to her vision correction treatment of -15 in both eyes, following surgery her eyesight just got better and better. She returned to AVC for her post-op appointment where she was found to have 20:20 vision, which is the best vision she has had in the past thirty years.

Diane definitely recommends AVC to anybody for a CLE treatment.

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