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Refractive Lens Exchange Reviews: Doreen Robertson

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Doreen Robertson describes her Refractive Lens Exchange treatment journey

Doreen investigated vision correction treatments as to if any were suitable to give her freedom from plethora of prescription glasses and contact lenses, on a daily basis. She was recommended “Advanced Vision Care” by a friend of her’s who had undergone a vision correction surgery at AVC.

She had an initial assessment at AVC and was found suitable for ‘Clear Lens Exchange’ and then on decided to go ahead with the surgery at AVC.

On the day of the surgery, she came along with her husband, was very nervous, though she found that all staff members were very reassuring at AVC which made her feel at ease. She points out specially the Nursing staff were extremely helpful and kept her informed of every move forward.

She establishes that during the surgery, she was awake and aware of the ongoing, the operating surgeon was very reassuring and in her own words “she did not find the procedure scary, neither was she overwhelmed by the procedure”.

She found that the procedure was very quick, she was comfortable through out and the procedure was pain-free. She had one eye operated upon first day, which had fantastic results and eagerly looked forward the next day for her other eye to be treated.

She had worn glasses since she was five years old, in her twenties she started to wear contact lenses and as with age she also required reading glasses. She did not like wearing veri-focal glasses, complications occurred when she had to wear veri-focal sun-glasses and also developed dry eyes.

After her successful surgery at AVC, disconcerting at the start, She does not need to look for her glasses in the morning as she wakes up and also that she was free of prescription glasses & contact lenses, she says that quality of her life is really wonderful!

In the video below, Doreen describes her experience in having her Clear Lens Exchange treatment at AVC’s new Alcon Suite.

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