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“Terrible eyesight… Blind as the proverbial bat”

Vlad reviews his Lens Replacement at Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street.

He had always experienced problems with his eyes since his late teens, like many people relying on contact lenses and glasses. But he was fed up with the cost and all-round hassle of contact lenses and glasses.

After discussing all of the vision correction options with his optician and personal friend, Vlad researched various companies on the internet but AVC “came to the fore”. As his eyes were so bad, he was found unsuitable for laser eye surgery so Vlad opted for Lens Replacement instead.

His experience?

“Absolutely tremendous”.

Vlad was particularly impressed with the very personal care that he received from the AVC team throughout the entire process from consultation and extensive eye examination through to the Lens Replacement procedure itself; every step of the way it was “made absolutely clear to me exactly what was going to happen”.

Even though he was understandably nervous about the operation:

[the whole process proved to be] ‘painless’, ‘trouble free’ [and] ‘amazing’.

The results?

“It’s made such a difference to my life. No itchy eyes. No glasses to mess around with… It’s been a worthwhile experience. What a fabulous team. Amazing people. Great fun! Thanks for everything.”

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