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“When I turned 60 I decided I wanted to get rid of the contact lenses and be able to see without any extras or accessories”

Watch Travel Consultant Melanie’s review of her Lens Replacement treatment (also known as Clear Lens Exchange – CLE) with Multifocal IOL on both eyes at Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street in London.

Melanie used to wear contact lenses – one for short-sightedness and the other for long-sightedness. But when she turned 60 she decided to give herself the ultimate birthday present and chose to have Lens Replacement.

She discovered AVC via a friend who had also had treatment with us and recommended the treatment and our clinic and eye surgeons. Of course, Melanie also carried out her own research and was particularly impressed by Advanced Vision Care’s reputation and world remowned surgeons.

Melanie had read a few scary stories about other clinics so she opted for AVC as she wanted:

‘someone she could trust’.

Her Lens Replacement Experience?

“Everyone was very professional… It all went without a hitch. I’m really pleased… Absolutely brilliant!”

Naturally, she was a little apprehensive prior to her treatment but she was quickly ‘put at ease’ by our professional staff who made her feel comfortable.

Melanie’s Results?

Melanie now leads her life lenses-free:

“I get up in the morning and don’t have to worry about lenses… I can see everything from the beginning. It’s absolutely amazing”

She hasn’t had to use glasses or contact lenses since to read anything.

Melanie’s Advice?

Even from the first day following surgery Melanie could pick up a newspaper and read it without glasses or contact lenses and her eyesight just got better and better thereafter:

“Go for it… it’s well worth it. I’ve already recommended AVC to my sister!”

Watch Melanie’s Lens Replacement Review

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