Celebrities and Sports Stars Who Have Had Vision Correction Surgery

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Having vision correction surgery provides the opportunity for most people to overcome their visual problems and forget about the difficulties associated with daily spectacle and contact lens wear. Thousands of people worldwide have successfully undergone Lasik laser eye surgery and similar treatments – amongst them are many celebrities and sports stars.

Here is a look at some of the famous people who have had their vision corrected with surgery.

Actress Nicole Kidman

Beautiful and world famous Australian actress Nicole Kidman was delighted with her laser eye surgery.

Nicole Kidman said this after her treatment:

“Technically I was walking around “legally blind” but now after surgery I have 20-20 vision. I can’t believe I spent so many years of my life seeing things blurry.”

Actor Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a very successful American movie actor and film producer and considered by many females to be one of the world’s most attractive men. He also has chosen LASIK eye surgery to correct his vision.

Tiger Woods

“Tiger” Woods is a world famous professional golfer. He had LASIK eye treatment in 1999 and had this to say after his surgery.

“For many years I had dealt with the hassles and frustrations of wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses. Then, I made the decision that changed my life. As a professional golfer my eyesight was just too important to risk.”

Tiger added this comment about his successful LASIK surgery experience:

“I now know what it’s like to see 20/20 without glasses or contact lenses and trust me, life is much better when you see it clearly.”

Tom Danielson

Tom Danielson, a top American Tour De France cyclist had vision correction surgery with implantable collamer contact lenses from Visian. Tom had been searching for a solution to his eyesight problems when racing on his bicycle with contact lenses and the Visian ICL has provided him with incredible vision.

In this video he talks about his experience with the Visian ICL.

Searching online it’s easy to find a long list of sports stars and celebrities who have had LASIK and other vision surgery treatments and in case you are interested, here are a few more names that regularly turn up:

•    Singer Melanie B. from the Spice Girls

•    Actress Courtney Cox of Friends fame

•    NBA player LeBron James couldn’t wear glasses or contacts on the basketball court and underwent Lasik to help his game

•    Model and actress Cindy Crawford

•    Singer and composer Elton John (Yes even Elton John, renowned for his over the top spectacles underwent LASIK.)

To check out testimonials from our own celebrity patients (such as singer/songwriter Matt Willis and actress Lynda Bellingham) and also many other patients who have undergone successful vision correction surgery at Advanced Vision Care visit this link.

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