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“I didn’t think at 70 that I’d be able to see, thread a needle and doing all the things… without putting my glasses on. Best thing that I’ve ever done!”

70 year old Barbara had already started to develop cataracts in both eyes as well as suffering from short-sightedness and long-sightedness.

Prior to her treatment, Barbara:

“couldn’t go anywhere without my glasses”.

Below you can watch Barbara’s review of her Cataract Surgery with Trifocal IOLs on both of her eyes over 2 consecutive days at Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street in London.

Why Choose AVC?

Her granddaughter had already researched all of the eye clinics available in the UK – both high street and independent – and felt that AVC:

‘were the best’.

‘And I agree with her.’

Barbara’s Consultation?

Well, Barbara wasn’t initially interested in vision correction!

But she accompanied her granddaughter, who came for a laser eye surgery consultation at AVC, and decided to ask if she:

‘was too old to have my eyes done’.

Following our thorough eye examination process, Barbara discovered that she was suitable.

[At her consultation, everyone was] ‘so nice and friendly’ [and really] ‘put you at ease’.

How was Barbara’s Surgery?

‘I was scared… really, really scared’.

But she needn’t have worried. Once Barbara had had the first eye done:

‘it was brilliant. I wasn’t scared at all’.

How is Your Vision Now?

Barbara is delighted with her new eyesight:

“Perfect. The best thing I’ve ever spent my money on!”

She would definitely recommended AVC to anyone interested in vision correction of any kind.

Watch Barbara’s Cataract Surgery Review

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