Bhavik Acharya BSc (Hons) MCOptom MASv.P

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Having been very short-sighted (Myopic) since the age of 5 years I was very used to and comfortable wearing spectacles throughout life. However depending on spectacles alone had its disadvantages especially in physical activities such as swimming, where I couldn’t see well enough to guide myself to the changing room and goggles weren’t available to correct my prescription. Other simple tasks such as looking down from heights (tall buildings) and riding rollercoasters became a phobia for me as the fear of losing my glasses in these situations would pose as a nightmare at any time. My eyesight had always been a barrier in life for me.

My own optometrist tried alternatives such as contact lenses to provide freedom from my spectacles but my own pre-existing dry eye problems and the lack of choice available to me at the time meant their success was short-lived. I needed to find a permanent solution.

Becoming a consultant optometrist myself gave me an advantage over many people when it came to knowing the intimate risks and benefits of any eye surgery, but the professionalism shown by AVC put my mind at rest throughout the whole process. The treatment was quick (lasting about 15mins in total) and life changing as the visual acuity (eyesight) improves immediately. Thinking about it today, over 8 years later, all I remember of the treatment day is how cold the treatment room was at the time. My recovery did take longer than most people due to the nature of my eyes and my previous short-sightedness but Mr. Pillai and the whole team ensured that I was well cared for even years post operatively. I still have some residual dry eye now but this is not much worse than what I had prior to my surgery and is easily managed.

I am truly grateful for what AVC have done. The experience of seeing my toes clearly whilst standing straight, or seeing the ceiling when you wake up, or not panicking when you reach over first thing in the morning and don’t find your glasses where you left them is awesome and sounds silly but to any other moderate or worse myopic person this is a true reality. I couldn’t do these things before I had eye surgery. My nose is also grateful as it doesn’t bear the weight of my heavy glass lenses anymore. The boost in my confidence has made me enjoy life more now than ever before.

Eye surgery, like any surgery is a life changing event that has its own risks and benefits but with up-to-date equipment and the skills shown by AVC the risks are now lower than ever before.

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