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Andrew Howard

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I had taken sometime to build up the confidence to go for Laser treatment, so I was a little shocked when I was advised the Laser may be problematic and I.C.L (Implantable Contact Lenses) may be a better route. I had a quite strong prescription so was keen to get rid of contact lenses. After researched and reading the literature, I elected to go ahead with the procedure. The day of the surgery came and I went to the clinic in North London. I met the staff and the surgeon who were all excellent. The procedure itself lasted 15 minutes and was a little uncomfortable at times, but 4 hours after the procedure, I could see (although a little cloudy) through my corrected eye. The next day I was virtually back to normal (corrected) vision. A week down the line and my vision is absolutely fantastic! I cannot thank the staff and Mr. Pillai in AVC enough. As I have read so many times…Why didn’t I do this earlier?

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