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Allison Bridgwood reviews LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

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Latest LASIK REVIEWS: Allison Bridgwood – a clinical nurse specialist – reviews LASIK laser eye surgery that she had to correct her vision at AVC.

She has been wearing glasses and lenses since the age of six. She developed ‘Dry Eyes’ and wanted an alternative to prescription glasses and contact lenses.

At first, Allison was apprehensive to undergo laser eye surgery. Here, she describes her experience with Laser Eye Surgery from her first consultation through to surgery and how much it has changed her quality of life for the better.

Allison came in for an initial consultation and says that lots of tests were done to her eyes. All her questions regarding laser eye surgery were answered which made her feel at ease. She booked LASIK surgery and was not scared on the day of surgery, due to the care and information she received from our trained staff. To her surprise, the LASIK surgery itself was very quickly completed.

The surgery has completely changed her life. Allison absolutely detested wearing glasses, but decided to go ahead with surgery even though it’s a difficult decision for many people looking for vision correction treatment.

The minute you arrive and the team starts the assessment process, you know you are in safe, experienced and skilled hands. I knew straight away after speaking to Dr Pillai and his team that I was making the right decision. I just wish now that I had done it sooner. There is no need for any worries or fears as every minute detail is explained and any questions answered.

The procedure was so quick and painless and the aftercare is extremely comprehensive. Living outside London the overnight stay was extremely useful and meant that I could relax and not be concerned about getting back for the follow up appointment.

Ensuring you are in the right hands when your sight is at stake is important and for me Dr Pillai’s wealth of knowledge and experience has meant that I have wonderful clear sight.

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