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Hannah Todd explains how quick Advanced Wavefront LASIK laser eye surgery is

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Hannah Todd, recently had Laser Eye Surgery treatment with Advanced Vision Care in London’s Harley Street. She discovered AVC through a recommendation from work colleagues who had laser eye surgery with us enjoying excellent results. She came in for a consultation and felt confident that we were THE experts in laser eye surgery.

How can Advanced Wavefront Intralase LASIK: laser eye surgery transform your life?

On the day of surgery, the Advanced Wavefront LASIK procedure was done in fifteen minutes. Hannah says that she was not nervous; after surgery she says that there was minor pain in her eyes though she did not need any painkillers.

Hannah’s eyesight was really poor – whenever she put down her prescription glasses on a table, she could not find them. Post-surgery, she has excellent vision and can go about her daily business without the need of any prescription glasses. She now enjoys 20:20 vision, can wear her shades and her quality of life has improved tremendously.

Watch Hannah’s Advanced Wavefront LASIK laser eye surgery Review

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