How You Can Benefit from Laser Eye Surgery

There are many reasons to have laser eye surgery and having the surgery can make a huge impact and difference to your life. Probably the main benefit of laser eye surgery is that pays for itself, because you will no longer need to buy glasses or contact lenses and go for eye tests every year.  Also, the costs of replacing broken glasses and lost contact lenses, or changing glasses due to new prescriptions, can all add up to around the same as eye laser surgery over time.

An added bonus is waking up and actually being able to see without having to reach out for your glasses, or get up and put your contact lenses in. No more remembering to clean your contacts, or making sure your glasses are beside the bed. You just wake up and go!

Glasses and contact lenses can often cause discomfort, such as redness and a dry itchy feeling from contacts, or glasses can feel heavy across the bridge of your nose and small fashionable frames can give limited areas of vision. Incorrect prescriptions can also cause headaches and discomfort.

For sporty types, you can play your sport without worrying about losing a contact lens or breaking your glasses, plus there is no need to buy specialist equipment, such as prescription goggles. Travelling is easier for former contact lens wearers with no more dry eyes from the air conditioning in planes, no need to remember to pack the right number of contacts for the number of days you will be travelling either.

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Perhaps the biggest advantage of laser eye surgery is that many people believe that their vision is actually better than it was with glasses or contacts before their surgery.  The recovery time is very short and the results are often immediately apparent.

If you’re considering laser eye surgery and want to find out if you’re suitable for this treatment, please contact us for a consultation.

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