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Queen Guitarist Brian May has Eye Surgery – Isn’t it about time you got yours?

Brian May, Lynda Bellingham… Celebrities & Eye Surgery

Brian May has recently joined the long list of celebrities who have undergone laser eye surgery. This is hardly surprising, as cavorting around with your guitar on stage is bound to be quite difficult wearing contact lenses. Here, we look at the celebrity patients who have walked through the door at AVC, and walked out of it with better vision.

Lynda Bellingham

The late and quite wonderful Lynda Bellingham had eye surgery at our clinic in 2008. She was not only a supremely talented actress but a charming person as well. It was our privilege to give her better eyesight, and she was kind enough to describe her experience with us as life changing.

Lynda Bellingham story »

Jaye Jacobs

If you are a fan of Holby City or Waterloo Road then Jaye Jacobs needs no introduction. She has appeared on our screens for over ten years. For most of this time, she had to rely on contact lenses and or glasses to get by. That all changed in 2013 where she underwent eye surgery at AVC. Now she is no longer ‘blind as a bat’ and living a more rewarding life.

Jaye Jacobs story »

Amelle Berrabah

Amelle is a singer and actress and in 2012 underwent eye surgery at AVC, an event which let the talented singer live life without glasses. Two years after her surgery, Amelle got engaged. Since her surgery, Amelle has gone on to do presenting roles for the BBC. We wish her all the best.

Amelle Berrabah story »

Matt Willis

Actor and musician Matt Willis underwent surgery in 2013. He loved the results so much that he buried his glasses in the garden. The fact he dug in the right place without them says a lot for the quality of treatment you get at AVC.

Matt Willis story »

Time for Your Laser Eye Surgery?

As you can see, laser eye surgery makes a dramatic impact on your quality of life. In many respects wearing glasses can define us and limit our life choices. This is clearly not a great scenario, and one that can change simply by having eye surgery at AVC.

The thing to understand about eye surgery is not that you will see better, but that it gives you confidence you never had before. You will want to try new things without visual aids holding you back.

Isn’t it about time you got your eye surgery, and live your life without the burden of glasses?

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