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Pomp, Circumstance and Laser Eye Treatment – AVC helps musicians hit the high note…

The list of activities that can be performed to a much higher standard without the handicap of poor eyesight is endless, and being a musician is certainly one of them. Playing in an orchestra requires a constant change of focus, from reading the music at close range to following the conductor at a distance and back again. Whilst obviously not impossible, wearing glasses or contact lenses can be a hindrance and something that is certainly undesirable when striving to deliver a virtuoso performance.

With the world’s greatest classical music festival – the Proms – currently in full swing, it’s easy to see the intense level of concentration required to perform at the standard that a professional musician strives for. Musician, who came to AVC for Wavefront LASIK laser eye treatment a few years ago, can certainly empathise with those bespectacled performers who are having to manage the constant change of focus, not to mention the problem of perspiration making their glasses slippery and steamy on a warm night.

“I play in an orchestra and I have to be able to see the music at the same distance as a computer, but also have to be able to see the conductor clearly too. As I sit at the back of the orchestra, managing both was becoming increasingly difficult with my glasses – if I could see the music then everything beyond it was a blur,” said Catherine.

“As my eyesight got worse with age the problem was interfering with my performance so I decided it was time to find a permanent solution with laser eye treatment.

“I had approached other clinics before but I was put off by the pressured sales approach. However, Advanced Vision Care did inspire me with confidence and I went ahead with Wavefront LASIK laser eye treatment. My sight was corrected to such a point that I can read really small print unaided, which was even more amazing than I had expected.

“Since my treatment I can focus purely on my performance and not give a moment’s thought to whether or not I’m seeing everything I need to well enough to give it my best.”

It’s not just classical musicians who feel the benefits of freeing themselves from the confines of glasses. Bagpipes player Dave Reid, a civil servant from Jersey, came to AVC for IntraLase Wavefront LASIK to correct his vision in 2010.

“I play the bagpipes, which is quite a physical instrument, and regularly take part in parades. I found that wearing glasses was getting in the way of my performance and enjoyment, but since having LASIK treatment my face feels free and I can put my heart and soul into my playing. It’s been fantastic, I never have to think about whether I’ve got the right glasses with me for reading music or distance. I’d recommend laser eye treatment to anyone in a similar position.”

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