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Piggyback Trifocal IOL Case Study

Mr R aged 68 and a company director attended AVC for a second opinion. He had been to a High Street clinic which had recommended cataract surgery with multifocal intraocular lenses. However after waiting 4 hours on the day of surgery he was advised that he could only have monofocal implants. He was rushed along and had the procedure that day. Once he had time to reflect he decided to cancel the second eye’s surgery.

He enquired with AVC and after attending had his, left eye corrected by a monofocal IOL for distance and the untreated right eye with a small long sighted prescription.

Piggyback Trifocal IOL 1

The treatment decided was Cataract Surgery with a trifocal implant for the right and the left eye to have a piggyback trifocal lens implanted. Both surgeries were performed by Dr Helgason without complication two months apart

Piggyback Trifocal IOL 2

The removing of an intra-ocular lens and exchanging it for a different implant can be risky and difficult. The insertion of the piggyback IOL is a safer and simpler option.

This revolutionary procedure means that patients who have previously had surgery to correct cloudy eye lens can still opt to have multifocal/trifocal implants to minimise their spectacle wear. It also means that patients who are unsuitable for laser procedures can have Lens Replacement knowing there is an option to correct their vision.

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