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permanent contact lenses in the daily mailAt the turn of the century, it may have been something confined to the figment of a science fiction writers imagination. The ability to quickly and comfortably fit ultra-thin permanent contact lenses to a patient’s eye, with the effect of providing perfect vision – and permanently.

Today, however, permanent contact lenses (find out more here) are a reality, much to the delight of patients suffering with severe long or short sightedness. As many patients like Dr Brahim Khan have discovered, Advanced Vision Care is the ideal place to have the procedure done (as seen in the Daily Mail article – A contact lens INSIDE my eye has given me perfect vision).

Who Needs Permanent Contact Lenses (and Why Not LASIK Instead)?

For the majority who are searching for vision correction, LASIK surgery will often be the most suitable treatment choice. However, for patients who have extreme long or short-sightedness, or astigmatism, LASIK treatment is unable to provide a solution.

While LASIK treatment (in particular Advanced Wavefront Intralase) has become world famous for achieving great vision correction results, the procedure has limitations in terms of the type of prescriptions it can treat. LASIK cannot treat patients whose prescriptions fall outside of a certain range. In fact, implantable contact lenses can treat a wide prescription range, from -23D to +12, and up to 7D for astigmatism.

The Surprisingly Comfortable Process of Implanting a Permanent Contact Lens

You would be forgiven for thinking that the procedure might be rather gruesome. In fact, it is quite the reverse – the entire procedure takes no longer than 30 minutes and is completely void of injections or stitching. The only real inconvenience is that both eyes are not able to be treated at once.

Many would-be patients also commonly ask whether the artificial lens can be felt once the procedure has been done – the answer is no. You see and feel exactly the same as you would normally. Furthermore, it surprises many patients that they are able to leave the clinic on the same day, ready to enjoy a life of crystal clear HD vision.

So, if your prescription seems hopeless, there’s no need to despair as your friends book LASIK and enjoy a life free of restrictions, while you watch through smudged glasses or fiddle with contacts. Permanent or implantable contact lenses are here and they can help. This is the only ICL approved by the FDA (USA) and approved by the US military for the last 10 years.

Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street has been carrying out ICL procedures for over a decade, and were one of the first to offer this cutting edge treatment in the UK.

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The Implantable Contact Lens Experience – What Our Patients Say

Below are a handful of our many delighted patients who have had their procedure at the Advanced Vision Care clinic. They have been kind enough to share their experiences with us to help anyone who might be considering the procedure:

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Interested in Permanent Contact Lens treatment?

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