Perfect Lens Replacement & Cataract Surgery

The launch of Advanced Vision Care’s ultra-advanced new Alcon Suite sent out a clear message to anyone seeking the finest Lens Replacement or cataract removal treatment – we are simply the best option for achieving perfect Lens Replacement and cataract surgery in the UK. Our recent Alcon Suite Launch Party event was attended by celebrities Hari Dhillon and Gina Beck (both of whom had treatment with us).

The event, whilst being light, breezy and fun, also featured an educational slant with patients, optometrists, insurance company officials and others enjoying an in-depth tour of the new Alcon Suite facility. Many who attended were astounded at the gulf in precision technology offered by Advanced Vision Care’s Lens Replacement and cataract removal procedures, when compared to even the closest rivals.

Perfect Lens Replacement and Cataract Surgery at AVC

These include the most sophisticated Lens Replacement and Cataract surgery technology in the world, such as the Verion Guided System, Centurion Vision System and the Luxor LX3 with Q-VUE Microscope. These technologies offer the expert Advanced Vision Care surgeon’s unrivaled precision in executing procedures with the highest levels of accuracy while significantly reducing the chance of risks and potential errors. Advanced Vision Care is the only clinic in the whole of the UK where these cutting edge refractive technologies are available in one place.

Perhaps, this is what prompted the Daily Express to write an expose about how AVC have taken cataract removal to an entirely new level. The article “My cataracts were gone in minutes: the technology that’s giving people their sight back” makes for an illuminating read. It features one of the very first Alcon Suite patients describing how simple, quick and comfortable his cataract removal with AVC was.

The patient in question, Michael Pattemore, was so impressed with his cataract surgery results, he returned to our clinic to offer this video testimonial:

The Best Laser Eye Clinic In London – According To Our Patients

For more unbiased reviews and testimonials from our patients, please see our patient reviews or visit our TrustPilot page.

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