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Over 50? Then Think About SUPRACOR Laser Eye Treatment

Advanced Vision Care no longer provides Supracor laser eye treatment. To see the range of laser eye treatments we do provide please click here »

Supracor is a revolutionary laser eye treatment for the over 50s age group that corrects both near and distance vision at the same time – no more reading glasses! It’s quick, painless, permanent and clinically proven to be 100% safe.

AVC is one of just a handful of clinics in the UK that offers this new laser treatment designed specifically for the over 50s age group. Because of his reputation as one of the world’s leading laser eye surgeons, Mr CT Pillai was one of an elite group of surgeons invited to the launch of this revolutionary treatment that can restore distance, intermediate and close vision to youthful clarity with outstanding results. It’s quick, painless, permanent and clinically proven to be 100% safe.

Turn back the clock – no more reading glasses! Supracor is the ideal solution for those who find that they need to wear reading glasses, as well as glasses for distance, as their eyesight naturally deteriorates with age. In the past this could be treated with monovision or blended vision treatments, but the results were not perfect. Supracor, however, corrects both distance and near prescriptions at the same time to produce excellent balanced vision for all distances.

The Supracor Procedure


The simple Supracor procedure begins in the same way as for IntraLase LASIK treatment by creating a thin flap on the surface of the cornea using an IntraLase blade-free laser. Then the Technolas Supracor excimer laser precisely reshapes the cornea to create a customised profile to correct vision for all distances. The flap is then replaced and the eye begins the natural healing process.

Is Supracor Right for You?

Supracor is suitable for those

–          >50 years of age

–          Distance prescription of +1.00 to +2.50

–          Astigmatism up to 1D

–          Near addition of +2.00D (or more)

At this stage myopes (short-sighted patients) are unfortunately unable to be treated

As with any refractive surgery procedure, your eyes will need to be assessed for suitability before we can proceed with treatment but remember, if you are found to be unsuitable for Supracor, we can still help you. So contact us for more details on 0800 652 4878.


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