No need to be anxious about undergoing laser eye surgery

Does the thought of having laser eye surgery make you nervous? Then that’s a natural reaction for what is a vital sense and every patient is nervous to a degree.

However, there are some patients who are more nervous than others and, here at the Advanced Vision Clinic, we have encountered every type of patient imaginable and helped them to relax before their procedure is carried out.

As part of our extensive and thorough preparation, our eye surgeons are happy to answer any questions a patient may have, no matter how trivial they may sound!

Questions about laser eye surgery

Visit our laser eye surgery reviews and discover among the many reasons why we are the best choice for laser eye surgery. One reason is the fact we go to great lengths to put patients at ease before their surgery.

That also helps to explain why our consultation process is so involved; we are prepared to spend time with our patients in the consultation itself and on the day of surgery to ensure that all questions are answered and that any worries are dealt with.

Your Advanced Vision Care surgeon and experienced support staff will be more than happy to describe what is involved in your surgery and the aftercare procedure too.

Don’t worry – all of the questions and fears have been seen and dealt with hundreds of times by us!

AVC will help allay your eye surgery fears

We strive to ensure that your experience of laser eye treatment is as good and as comfortable as it can be – we are happy to reassure patients to enable them to enjoy this path to having excellent vision.

When the time comes to undergo your laser eye surgery procedure, we will prescribe a mild sedative to help you feel more relaxed. Some patients also ask whether they can bring a loved one or friend with them for support and we are the only clinic in the UK where this is allowed to happen.

This will not only help you to relax more but it’s also because we have nothing to hide and don’t mind whether your guest watches your procedure from behind the glass wall in our operating theatre or watches it on a screen which is attached to the laser under the control of our leading surgeon, Dr Pillai.

Essentially, there’s no need to be nervous when you are in the capable and experienced hands of the team at Advanced Vision Clinic because we consistently strive to be the very best at what we do.

Interested in Laser Eye Surgery?

If you would like to find out more about laser eye surgery at Advanced Vision Care, then why not call AVC TODAY on 0800 652 4878 and request your free information pack or book your consultation to find out how we can help you.

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