New Video of Dream Makeover Essex Reveal Night

We’re sure you will remember that Advanced Vision Care laser eye surgery clinic were proud partners of the Dream Makeover Essex competition.  Mr CT Pillai, Founder and Medical Director of Advanced Vision Care, was a member of the judging panel and also carried out treatments on all three of the winners – see below.

A new video of the emotional reveal night has been released and you can see the reactions to the winners transformations here.

Eleasha Newberry had to wear glasses and without them couldn’t even see the top letter on an optician’s chart.  She was short sighted, so Mr Pillai carried out wavefront intralase (blade free) Lasik laser eye surgery on both eyes. Her one week post operative check showed she now has 20/20 vision.

Keith Welch wore thick plus lenses, but being a building site worker, this made life difficult as he needs to move around the site a lot.  Mr Pillai carried out bilateral Lasik intralase (blade front) wavefront laser eye treatment.  His one week post operative check showed that he now has 100% sight and he is very pleased to be driving without the need to wear glasses for the first time in his life.  He is now able to work on site without any problems and is driving with confidence.

Caroline McKenna had a lot of astigmatism in both eyes and the lenses in her glasses were very thick.  This had shattered her confidence.  Caroline was not suitable for laser eye surgery treatment due to her high prescription, however we are specialists in Implantable Contact Lens treatment and were were able to offer her this. Each lens was tailor made for her prescription in each eye, the body of the eye will not reject the lens at all as it is bio-compatible. This is a unique treatment which is done by very few centres in the UK.  Caroline’s intraocular lens treatment has corrected her prescription fully and she can now see well without her glasses.

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