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The New Advanced Vision Care Alcon Suite – Facilitating the UK’s Most Advanced Private Cataract Surgery

As we’ve talked about in previous blog posts, cataract can be a debilitating illness when left untreated, even causing blindness if completely neglected. Following the launch of our new Alcon Suite, Advanced Vision Care has emerged as the leading provider for private surgery of this condition in the UK (click here to learn about the treatment options). The new clinical facility offers the only place in the UK where three of the most advanced pieces of refractive surgical equipment are available all in one place.

Let’s talk through each of these ground-breaking pieces of equipment, one by one:

The Verion Image Guided System

This machine is completely unique to our new Alcon suite, and unavailable at any other UK clinic at the time of writing. The kit allows our surgeon to create the most detailed image of your eye imaginable, which can then be used to formulate a highly patient-specific surgical plan. The Verion Image Guided System is so advanced that it enables our surgeon to analyse incisions and alignments in real-time. This highly sophisticated machine facilitates the most accurate treatment imaginable and clear lens exchange while simultaneously reducing the margin for error.

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Centurion Vision System

Another rare and highly desirable surgical equipment is the Alcon Suite’s Centurion Vision System, described by several refractive surgeons as the most advanced phacoemulsification system in the world. This system is effectively able to dynamically optimise each and every stage of your treatment. It significantly aids our surgeon by facilitating highly intricate incisions, thus enabling accurate lens removal with even less margin for error.

The Luxor LX3 With Q-VUE

This machine is used by our surgeons to provide highly accurate visualisation while the treatment is being conducted. The Q-Vue assistant visualisation further enhances the process and takes no light from our surgeon’s optical pathway.

AVC’s Alcon Suite – The Only One in the UK

Advanced Vision Care has invested heavily in it’s new Alcon Suite, and these three machines will allow our world-famous laser eye surgeons to produce even more consistent and error-free results for patients. Recently, our clinic also set-up Europe’s first and only transparent surgical theatre – allowing for your loved ones to watch treatment being done. Since 2003, our clinic’s lead surgeon and Medical Director, Dr Pillai, has insisted that AVC must always be at the very forefront of the refractive surgery industry. These trio of new additions are a testament to the fact that our clinic is simply the safest and most reliable choice for those seeking private cataract treatment or lens exchange.

Combined with our commitment to superlative care, unrivalled surgical experience and the most advanced clinic and surgical equipment in the world, we are superbly placed to offer our clients what they look for in a vision correction clinic – safe and superlative treatment, with minimal discomfort and outstanding results. It’s the reason why we have clients using our services from all over the UK and the world.

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The fact is, when it comes to your eyes, surgery should only ever be considered when provided by the very best people, using the very latest surgical technology and procedures.

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