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Looking Better: Chris Evans Undergoes Laser Eye Surgery

They were such a dream to every impersonator around: loud-mouthed presenter Chris Evans’ iconic big square black specs together with the cropped carrot topped head were enough of a hint in themselves for the audience to understand the character. And that was before the entertainer on stage had even opened his mouth.

But now stand-up comedians are going to have to try a little harder, thanks to the fact millionaire Mr Evans has recently opted for laser eye surgery and, as a result, effectively ditched that familiar face furniture for good.

True to form the One Show host kept fans appraised as to his intentions and whereabouts when he went for the procedure at a London clinic recently. Prior to the operation he hinted, via Twitter, what was about to happen. Then, straight after the surgery the comedian provided an update (in order to placate any ‘anxious’ fans who happened to be sitting at home no doubt frantically biting their nails).

Chris Evans + Celebs love laser eye surgery

Chris Evans is just one of a long, long line of celebs who have embraced the wonders of laser eye surgery at independent eye clinics. Others include Brad Pitt, Sir Richard Branson and, at our own Harley Street Clinic, clients such as: Woman’s Hour presenter Linda Bellingham, singer Matt Willis and a team of three from UK-based nursing drama Holby City, namely Hari Dhillon, Amanda Mealing and Jaye Jacobs.

celebrities love laser eye surgery

What kind of benefits can Chris Evans look forward to now?

As Chris’ eyes (and psychology) adjust to not wearing his glasses, he’ll find that:

  • he can play contact sports better and go swimming or sailing without being concerned about ruining his glasses or even losing them
  • he won’t have to worry about getting an eye infection from his contact lenses or leaving them in so long so that his eyes get tired and he starts straining his sight
  • not that Mr Evans has a problem with self-esteem we’re sure, but for many people being able to face the world without glasses or lenses gives them more confidence in themselves
  • he’ll be safer when he’s driving because he’ll no longer have a ‘black spot’ at the corner of his glasses
  • he won’t have to carry contact lenses solution and a lenses/glasses case around with him whenever he goes away for a few days
  • not that it’s a problem for millionaire Mr Evans but having laser eye surgery will actually work out far less expensive for him in the long run

Why our brand of laser eye surgery gets best results

Statistics vary but it’s believed around 150,000 people in the UK every year undergo laser eye treatment. Here at the AVC clinic in London’s Harley Street, we use the most effective and up-to-date technology available. This allows us to precisely map the eye rather than simply focus on a patient’s prescription.

In addition, we’re an independent clinic – not affiliated to a particular laser brand – so free to use whatever treatment option suits the patient best, resulting in a truly bespoke service.

Find out how Laser Eye Surgery at AVC can help your vision

If you have had enough of your glasses or contact lenses and want to find out how laser eye surgery or any of our other vision correction treatments can transform your life, then why not contact AVC today on 020 7935 7497 or email on info@advancedvisioncare.co.uk where our expert advisors are ready to answer your questions and to help guide you the through the process.

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