LASIK For Sportspeople – Is It Worth It?

For modern-day sportspeople, gaining an advantage over their competitors is becoming increasingly difficult. Sports science has evolved to the stage where training knowledge is widespread and most athletes are following similar regimes.

In such an intensely competitive environment, biological attributes become especially important – if one player has superior vision, then it is likely their performance level will be better than a player with less than perfect eyesight.

Fortunately, nowadays it is possible to permanently improve your vision with the LASIK procedure. It removes the need for glasses and contact lenses and is fast becoming a favourite with leading professional athletes.

The Players

With LASIK producing visual improvements that go beyond perfect eyesight (20/15 is possible for some patients), it is no surprise that a growing number of elite athletes are choosing to undergo this quick and safe surgery.

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Tiger Woods had LASIK in 1999 and remained as the top-ranked golfer in the world for 9 of the next 10 years! Inspired by his success, other golfers followed suit. Tom Kite won 6 Champions Tour events over 5 years after he had the LASIK procedure.

For elite athletes, laser eye surgery is a perfectly legal way to enhance vision to a level that is equal to, or better than your competitors. It can significantly improve a number of skills:

  • judging distances
  • better clarity of targets
  • improved awareness of other players positions

Weather Conditions

Many sportspeople perform in a wide range of weather conditions, from harsh sunlight to extreme wind and rain – situations that may make wearing glasses near impossible. This obviously can have a big impact on performance, and non-spectacle wearing competitors gain significant advantages.

Similarly, temperature extremes produce humidity fluctuations which can affect contact lenses, causing discomfort to players. Glasses and lenses may also be far from ideal in low light and artificial lighting situations – having LASIK can enable you to play to your optimum ability, removing the worry and problems associated with temporary vision solutions.

It is important to be reminded just how much vision affects sports performance. A study on basketball players found that the accuracy of basket shooting relied significantly on the visual abilities of the competitors.

The Improvement

With a history now dating back over 20 years, LASIK surgery has been performed on millions of people in countries all over the world. Patient feedback is overwhelmingly positive!

A review of nearly 20,000 Asian patients who had LASIK for short-sightedness showed that 72.8% of patients achieved 20/20 or better vision as a result of their surgery. In leading laser clinics, this is likely to be improved on further (at AVC, 99% of our patients achieve at least driving standard eyesight).

LASIK satisfaction rates are also high – in a study from Finland that analysed the long-term effects of laser eye treatment, 100% of patients said they would have the procedure again. In our clinic, we use the gold standard femtosecond laser, which has been demonstrated to be safe, effective and predictable in correcting myopia.

If you think that LASIK may help to improve your sports performance, why not book a Free Consultation to discuss your thoughts and any concerns you may have?

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