LASIK Eye Surgery – 3 Common Myths & Questions Explored

What never ceases to amaze the expert team of surgeons at Advanced Vision Care are some of the common, unsubstantiated myths and misinformation about LASIK eye surgery that potential patients raise during their consultation process.

LASIK eye surgery conducted by inexperienced surgeons using outdated techniques and technology may bring about complications, and less than ideal results. However, the procedure is extremely safe and effective in the hands of expert surgeons. Here, we discuss a trio of the most common questions and apprehensions that we hear during consultations.

What is LASIK eye surgery and how does the procedure work?

If the idea of having your eyes sliced and diced makes you feel rather queasy, the reality is reassuringly different. The Advanced Wavefront LASIK treatment practiced at leading clinics like Advanced Vision Care uses the most advanced blade-free laser technology which can correct a patient’s vision within 20 minutes.

With the most cutting edge LASIK eye surgery, as practiced at AVC, the analysis of the eye by highly sophisticated software is just as important as the laser surgery itself. AVC surgeons are able to construct a uniquely personalised treatment plan using information generated by the Orbscan IIz, Zywave Aberrometer combined with your lifestyle needs to produce the best possible results.

While some clinics still use blades to create the corneal flap, the Advanced Wavefront Intralase LASIK treatment at AVC is entirely blade free. The corneal flap is precisely created using incredibly sophisticated laser technology, thus making it thinner and stronger with better healing potential.

Is LASIK eye surgery safe?

Every form of surgery, however small, carries certain elements of risk. However, despite this, LASIK treatment is an extremely safe procedure. While there may be some horror stories circulating about LASIK eye surgery going horribly wrong, when a patient does their research and choose a well respected surgeon and clinic, the potential for serious complications are all but negligible.

What does LASIK eye surgery cost?

Some rather unethical companies advertise unrealistically low prices as a marketing gimmick which rise steeply after add-ons and T&C’s are taken into consideration. Advanced Vision Care offer a completely transparent pricing policy that can be found on our prices page.

The true cost of LASIK eye surgery can only be calculated relative to what is paid by an individual for contact lenses and glasses over a lifetime. Additionally, when you consider the incredible improvements in lifestyle and the joy of crystal clear vision, successful LASIK treatment would be deemed by most patients as utterly priceless. Just see what one of our LASIK eye surgery patient’s says about their procedure at AVC:

Interested in Laser Eye Surgery?

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