Laser Vision Correction – 5 Key Questions To Ask Any Clinic

Advanced Vision Care are the leading clinic for laser vision correction in London, Harley Street. Here, we examine the key questions to ask any surgeon and laser vision correction clinic before choosing any type of laser eye surgery:

1. How Good is the Surgeon Performing Your Laser Eye Surgery?

The success of any surgery, including laser eye surgery, will largely be determined by the quality of the performing surgeon. This is the one area where you really should never compromise on, as the best surgeons will be able to diagnose and treat your specific eye condition far better than a less talented one. This may seem like simple common sense; however many people still do not research their surgeon or clinic thoroughly enough before opting for laser eye surgery.

Dr CT Pillai from Advanced Vision Care is widely regarded as one of the most talented laser eye surgeons in the world, with over 25 years of ophthalmic experience, having successfully treated thousands of patients.

2. How Good are the Clinical Facilities Where You will be Treated?

Everything from the clinical facilities and operating theatre down to the quality of lenses used for procedures can vary substantially with different vision care clinics. For example, AVC’s state of the art clinic currently boasts the only transparent theatre in all of Europe.

3. How Comprehensive is the Laser Vision Correction Aftercare?

Not all clinics offer the same high standard of aftercare commitment. So while Advanced Vision Care offer an unrivaled lifetime care and commitment policy, other clinics may not provide such long term care provisions. When opting for any form of laser eye surgery or vision correction treatment, it’s always best to check that the treating surgeon and clinic offers a long term commitment of care that extends far beyond your initial surgery.

4. How Wide Is The Clinics Optometrist Network?

While AVC offer laser vision correction in London, Harley Street our patients visit us from all over the UK. This is because our wide network of optometrists are located all over the country, so patients may get leading vision correction treatment from our Harley Street clinic, and get their aftercare appointments handled locally.

5. How Transparent is the Pricing?

Beware of shady pricing gimmicks and tricks that some High Street clinics use to grab your attention. Some patients who visit us for a consultation are often shocked at how many add on expenses there can be with other clinics. While Advanced Vision Care are upfront and transparent with pricing quotes, be sure to check the final cost when doing your due diligence with other vision correction clinics.

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