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Laser Eye Surgery – Why Independent Clinics are the Way Forward

When most of us think about getting laser eye surgery our attention is often grabbed by high street opticians and clinics through heavy advertising campaigns, but there are many independent clinics offering the same procedure with a much higher degree of patient care and satisfaction.

In the last few years, the number of patients travelling to seek out independent clinics has soared due to their individual reputations for patient care. These clinics become well known for going the extra mile and forming closer relationships with their patients before and after surgery.

AVC – THE Independent Eye Clinic

These values lie at the very centre of Advanced Vision Care and our ever expanding portfolio of satisfied patients speaks for itself. We’ve had the pleasure of looking after patients far and wide and, because we are an independent clinic, we are able to focus fully on our patients needs and give them a level of care that’s unparalleled on the high street.

In a high street, chain owned clinic, patients rarely get to know their laser surgeons and their initial consultations can often be lacking in depth and detail.

Here at Advanced Vision Care, we will ensure that you receive the highest possible level of care from start to finish, from your in-depth consultation to your life transforming surgery. Being an independent clinic also means that there are no restrictions on what kind of laser technology that can be used, which means that your treatment is 100% geared towards you and your particular needs.

Flexible Pricing Build Around Patient Needs

Beyond the issues of treatment and patient care, which are naturally better in an independent clinic due to a better eye consultant/patient ratio, there is the question of price.

Pricing structures in independent clinics such as Advanced Vision Care are a great deal more flexible and built around the needs of the patient rather than the accounts of the clinic or the profit demands of a corporate branded company. As well as being in charge of their own pricing structure, an independent clinic relies less on heavy advertising and bloated marketing campaigns, and more on reputation and patient satisfaction.

Advanced Vision Care have drawn in patients from around the UK and beyond and offer nothing but consistently excellent customer service. Our feedback record is more reassuring than any marketing campaign could possibly be.

So if you’re considering laser eye surgery, consider Advanced Vision Care before approaching the nearest high street brand.

You’ll find the level of service and care at our independent clinic reason enough to travel, let alone the reputation of our surgeons or our leading edge technology. With an unparalleled level of patient care and professional staff who are willing to go that extra mile to make you feel as welcome and as comfortable as possible, why would you consider anything else?

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