Laser Eye Surgery Recovery – What To Expect

A frequent concern of people who are interested in having Laser Eye Surgery is the recovery process – how long will it last, and what side-effects are likely?

In the vast majority of cases, recovery from surgery is straightforward and proceeds without any complications. The treatment itself usually takes a few minutes per eye, so in reality, Laser Eye Surgery is quite a minor operation with a very high success rate.

Here is a timeline of the recovery process and what you should expect after having Laser Eye Surgery.

Initial Aftercare

During the operation, your eyes will have been anaesthetised using eye drops, and once the procedure has been completed, your aftercare will begin immediately as you are taken to the recovery room to relax. A specialist nurse will then examine your eyes before you are allowed to leave the clinic.

There is likely to be some mild discomfort as the anaesthetic wears off and you recover from the procedure. This can mean that the eyes feel a little inflamed and watery in the day or so after surgery (the eyes may be redder than usual). It is also common for there to be an element of light sensitivity while your eyes go through the healing process.

Sunglasses are an effective way to shield the eyes from the light and should be worn on the journey home, particularly if it is sunny outside.

First Check-Up

At AVC, you will have a post-operative check-up within the first two days of having Eye Surgery. At this appointment, your eyes will be examined by AVC’s senior refractive optometrist or our lead surgeon. Your rate of healing will then be assessed and you will be advised about when you can start driving again.

The surgeon or optometrist will recommend a variety of aftercare procedures that you should follow to encourage the eyes to heal correctly. This will include using eye drops as prescribed and wearing the eye shields provided when sleeping, and sunglasses when you’re outside in the daytime.

For the first week following your surgery, you should try to avoid getting water in your eyes and wearing eye make-up is off-limits for the first 7 days after the operation.

Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-up appointments are just as important as the initial aftercare, and at AVC we have the largest independent optometrist network in the UK, meaning you can access these appointments at our Harley Street clinic, or a location closer to your home.

Post-operative checks are conducted at regular intervals throughout the year to keep track of your visual improvement and how your eyes are healing – as the leading UK Laser Eye Clinic, we make sure that our level of care exceeds expectations.

Here are some of the aftercare guarantees we make to our customers:

  • A 1-year aftercare commitment
  • Extra post-operative checks that are not charged
  • Free re-treatment (if required) within the 1st year

In addition, we always recommend that once the aftercare process has been completed, customers should attend eye examinations every two years to ensure that their eyes stay healthy.

Interested in Laser Eye Surgery?

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