Laser Eye Surgery Recovery – The Process Explained

Choosing to undergo Laser Eye Surgery has been a life-changing decision for millions of people – the procedure means that contact lenses and glasses can be ditched, while vision is drastically improved.

However, like any other surgery, there is a recovery process that patients should be aware of. Allowing your eyes to heal naturally and following your Dr’s orders will ensure that you make the best gains possible from the treatment.

This is our guide to the recovery process and what you should expect.

Immediately After Surgery

Once surgery has finished, the majority of patients notice an improvement in vision almost immediately, and most of their daily routines remain unaffected. This is because the cornea has one of the fastest regeneration abilities in the human body – it can largely repair itself in under 48 hours!

The anaesthetic drops used during the procedure will wear off within 30 minutes of surgery, and common side effects can include:

–  Itchy eyes

–  Blurred vision

–  A slight stinging sensation

–  Sensitivity to light

This is mainly due to the swelling of the cornea and to counter this, your Dr should prescribe eye drops and in some cases pain medication. An eye shield may also be provided to protect the eyes through the night.

Weeks After Surgery

In most cases, any side-effects or complications will become minimal in the weeks following surgery, but certain issues can persist.

It is important to note that the following conditions may last for several weeks:

  • Laser surgery reduces tear production in the eyes until they fully heal, and this can lead to dry eyes, which may be irritating and could affect vision. Eye drops usually rectify this
  • Patients sometimes report seeing halos around lights, particularly at night. This commonly reduces in the weeks following surgery.
  • Over-corrections or under-corrections can occur due to the healing process of living Healing differs in each individual, and 2-5% of patients will need to follow up ‘fine tuning’.

At leading clinics, you will have a follow-up appointment in the days after surgery to assess your healing and address any issues you may be experiencing. It is likely that your surgeon will recommend avoiding using make-up in the eye area, and to also avoid sports or extreme temperatures for a few weeks.

Months After Surgery

You should be monitored for at least one year after the procedure, and you should factor this in when choosing your surgeon – aftercare that falls below this standard ought to be a cause of concern.

Dry eyes will continue to improve throughout this period as the natural lubrication of the eyes returns to normal, but again, eye drops can be used for any excessive dryness that persists.

The final result of laser eye surgery will typically become evident within a 3-month time-frame, but this can depend on the magnitude of the visual improvement – if you had a higher prescription prior to surgery, then it can take longer to fully recover.

Those people that had laser surgery to treat long-sightedness will generally take longer to settle down than those people that had surgery for short-sightedness.

To maximise the probability of an excellent result from Laser Surgery, you should always seek treatment from the best surgeon you can find. At AVC, our surgery fee includes our comprehensive 1 year aftercare programme, as opposed to 3-6 months of aftercare at many other clinics.

By choosing us, not only do you have access to the UK’s leading laser surgeons, but we also provide the largest independent optometrist network in the country, meaning you can access our aftercare at a clinic close to your home. Call 0808 273 1591 today to book a Free Consultation.

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