Laser Eye Surgery: Is it Right for me?

Let’s be clear, laser eye surgery has helped millions of people see better and clearer.

Many have achieved 20/20 vision and can perform everyday tasks without glasses or contact lenses. Though there have been complications for a very small number of patients, the amount of patients that actually experience a complication after laser eye surgery is a tiny percentage. Often many of these complications can be addressed after surgery.

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence, (NICE), has declared laser eye surgery safe for use and has recommended it as a treatment on the NHS.

As guidance for the public, NICE released a document showing that for some forms of laser eye surgery, complication rates were as low as 2%.

Weighing up Expectations from Laser Eye Surgery

For the vast majority of people, their vision improves significantly after laser eye surgery. Many achieve 20/20 vision and are able to go about their daily life without corrective lenses (glasses and contact lenses to you and me).

At least until they reach the 45- 50 age bracket when the natural ageing process takes its toll on our reading vision as it does the rest of our bodies. Should you fall into this age group, you may require corrective lenses of some kind for close up work.

Contact Sport and Laser Eye Surgery

Contact Sport and Laser Eye Surgery

Contact sports such as boxing and martial arts may make laser eye surgery unsuitable.

With most forms of corrective vision laser eye surgery a flap is created in the eye. Trauma can cause this flap to open. This aspect may make other forms of treatment, such as Visian ICLs more suitable for patients who are involved in contact sports. The American Military uses this ICL procedure for their combat troops.

That said, before the development of Visian ICLs, they would use LASEK laser eye surgery to correct the vision problems of their military. It was only the remarkable performance of Visian ICLs that made them switch from laser eye surgery.

Financial Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

Studies have proven that laser eye surgery can bring financial benefits.

If you are fairly young and meet the laser eye surgery prescription requirements, at the very least you will be able to function on a day to day level without glasses or contact lenses. One outlay on laser eye surgery often pays for itself over time as you no longer need to keep renewing contact lenses or glasses as your eye prescription changes.

Interested in Laser Eye Surgery?

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