Labor Day would be Simpler with LASIK

In the USA, many families enjoyed a long, relaxing Labor Day weekend at the beginning of September. Labor Day is an important holiday in the United States because it celebrates workers and the contribution of the labor movement to US history. The push to create a national holiday celebrating workers began as a grassroots movement in 1882, but it wasn’t officially signed into law until after the nationwide railroad workers’ strike that occurred in 1884. It has close ties to similar celebrations worldwide, such as International Worker’s Day on May 1st. As part of the celebration, many Americans have Monday, September 1st off work; they are busy preparing to travel, visit friends and family, and to enjoy the last bit of summer outdoors.

Unfortunately, these preparations involve extra steps for those who depend on glasses or contacts. People who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping and swimming, in particular need to carefully consider how they’ll take care of their eyes and their eye-wear while they’re away from home. Remembering to pack cases, cleaning supplies and a spare pair of glasses for a weekend away may seem like part of the routine, and many people might not realise that they have another option.

The Solution: LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

lasik laser eye surgery results

LASIK eye surgery, also known as laser eye surgery, permanently and safely removes the need to worry about the details of eyewear. LASIK surgery can treat myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. It works by using a precisely controlled laser to reshape the front part of your eye, called the cornea, so that it bends light correctly as it enters the eye. Whereas glasses and contacts can only temporarily compensate for an underlying, physical flaw in your eye, LASIK eye surgery permanently corrects the problem.

The procedure is very safe, and it works fast. First introduced in the 1980’s, the technology has been continually improved to make it faster, safer and more precise. Although there are some risks as in any medical procedure, the chances of complications are extremely low because the laser is precisely controlled. It finely reshapes your cornea without damaging any surrounding tissue. Most people achieve 20/20 vision soon after receiving LASIK eye surgery, and in most cases vision improves within 24 hours. The procedure is so painless and easy to recover from that most people can return to normal activities, including work, within 24 hours.

Best of all, LASIK is a permanent solution. The original underlying flaw in the shape of your cornea will not return. Although your eye can continue to change over time, there will be no need to worry about glasses or contacts for a long time to come, if at all. So, think about your friends and connections in the USA, who are juggling inconvenient glasses and contacts while trying to enjoy one of their few long weekends, and consider permanently correcting your vision before your next holiday.

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