Keratoconus Treatment Case Study – Richard Curtis

Keratoconus Treatment Case Study

This Keratoconus Treatment case study details Mr Richard Curtis who has an alternating exotropia. He was under the care of Moorfields Eye Hospital as a child. He did not have patching or surgery for his squint. At the age of 14 he was diagnosed with Keratoconus and amblyopia in his right eye. The patient currently wears spectacles for reading only. He had tried RGP’s with the hospital but couldn’t get on with them.

Mr Curtis is an electrical technician who enjoys cycling and volunteers with the St. John’s Ambulance.

Results from his consultation with AVC in August 2014 are as follows:



Ocular Examinations

508Corneal Pachymetry (µm)478
6.5Colvard Pupil Diameter (mm)6.5
12Goldmann Contact Tonometry (mmHg)12
 56.2 @ 113, 48.3 @ 23Orbscan keratometry (D)47.8 @ 75, 45.0 @ 165
3.88Anterior Chamber Depth (mm)3.70
KeratoconousAnterior Segment EvaluationKeratoconous
ClearCrystaline LensClear

Treatment plan

Richard has bilateral keratoconus which is advanced in the right eye. Dr Pillai decided the right eye required cross linking surgery and Intra-stromal corneal ring segments.

His left eye has mild keratoconus and maintains good vision. Dr Pillai recommended this eye to be monitored for changes.

Surgery notes

His right eye underwent cross-linking surgery and kerorings were inserted in November 2014. The surgery was performed without any complications.

4 Day Post-op

Bandage contact lens was removed. Cornea healing well.

VA 6/24

2 Week Post-op


6 Week check-up


6 Month check-up


Mr Curtis was delighted with the vast improvement in his vision so early after his surgery.

We are now going to fit Richard with a KeraSoft contact lens in the right eye.

After years of poor vision in his right eye, Mr Cutis is not only delighted with the vision he has been able to achieve with cross-linking and ICSR surgery but that a correction on top gives him vast improvement from where he started off.

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