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Keratoconus Patients See Pain Free Solutions at Advanced Vision Care

The varying speed at which Keratoconus develops in patients has meant that some patients decided to postpone treatment because of fear of pain and complications of treatment. Advanced Vision Care is now offering patients in London and beyond, a combination of pain-free solutions.

The highly skilled team of eye surgeons at Advanced Vision Care are rated among the best in the world after completing more than 50,000 successful procedures, but they have set aside their surgery skills in favour of cross-linking and INTACS.

They say most patients no longer need a corneal transplant to halt the progression of the disease that affects the shape of the cornea. Now, patients are treated with a corneal collagen cross-linking procedure that strengthens the weakened cornea to prevent the disease causing more damage.

The collagen cross linking procedure is completely non-intrusive and is delivered in a single treatment that lasts around half an hour. In some cases, cross linking that involves UV light and vitamin treatments is combined with INTACS (corneal rings), which are inserts designed to reshape the cornea.

The extremely safe treatment has actually been around since the late 90s, but is still only available at a select number of locations and each clinic has varying degrees of experience with the treatment. Harley Street has long been known as the home to some of the best medical practitioners in the world.

Advanced Vision Care of Harley Street have treated some of the UK’s best known television personalities and sports people thanks to their hard won reputation. Despite being the eye clinic of choice among celebrity patients, we believe in making the best treatment accessible to everyone and offering everyone the opportunity to have perfect sight at an affordable price.

Our lead surgeon, Dr. Pillai, has worked on many household names, but admits that patient care is the same across the board. Holby City actor Hari Dhillon, who used the services of Dr. Pillai, was impressed with the clinic and in his own words said “Mr Pillai’s experience is profound and his knowledge of his field is highly reassuring” and “After meeting with Mr Pillai and his team at AVC I immediately knew I had come to the right place.”

Those sentiments have been echoed by many patients over the years and anyone who wants a pain-free solution and experiences the free consultation is certain to have confidence that their Keratoconus will be treated by the best at AVC.

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