Is Watching (Too Much) TV Bad For The Eyes?

While most mothers tend to use the rather murky explanation that watching too much television will make their kids’ eyes bad in an attempt to keep them away from the TV, there is some truth to the story. Given the complexity of the human eye, researchers have not yet figured out the entire extent of this negative effect of TV watching on the eye vision, but the majority of experts will agree that staring at the television and computer monitors is less likely to cause any permanent damage to the eyes of an individual. Nevertheless, by focusing one’s eyes on one thing for long periods of time tends to trigger the temporary eyestrain problem.

Connection Between Myopia and the Modern World

While genetically inherited in most cases, myopia can also be affected by various environmental factors; and one of them is sitting too close to a TV set or a computer monitor, or doing too much reading. If you have the habit of spending hours in front of the computer looking at the latest Italy Superenalotto results and reading the latest reviews on the newest lottery games that have popped on the internet, you are prone to use your computer, tablet or smartphone for it. A recent Australian study has found that those children who spend more time in the outdoors do not develop myopia as often as those kids who tend to spend more time indoors.

Keep Your Eyes Protected

If you or your children have a passion for computer games or gambling, make sure you limit the time spent in front of the computer. For this, you will need to find reliable sites to visit and not have to spend a great deal of time doing research trying to figure out which is the best site to join. The online-lottery platform enables you access to the biggest lotteries in the world – and the great news is that you can play from the comfort of your own home. whether you want to play the national lottery game played in China, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, the US, or any European country, all you need to do is go to the left-handed menu and click on the desired game. Buying tickets and marking them online is a no-brainer and all results will be officially announced on the same site, so you do not have to go through any extra hassle. If you are suffering from headaches, sore or itchy eyes, or if your eyes are watery or dry and you temporarily have blurred or double vision, you should limit the time spent in front of a monitor and take on some eye relaxing techniques.

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