ICL Treatment Can Negate Possibility of Halos, Glares & Dry Eyes

Laser eye surgery is a proven vision correction treatment and the choice of millions worldwide. However, in a tiny number of cases, some people can experience some side effects such as halos, glares and dry eyes after undergoing vision correction treatments such as LASIK, LASEK or PRK.

Dr CT Pillai, AVC’s Medical Director, looked into new vision correction treatments which not only provide equivalent or better vision correction as laser eye surgery but also negates the possibility of side effects such as halos, glares and dry eyes. The three essential criteria for any suitable treatment were efficacy, safety and additional advantages when compared to laser vision correction treatments.

Phakic IOL = No Halos, Glares & Dry Eyes

Dr Pillai found phakic intraocular lens (IOL) implantation with the EVO+ Visian ICL (Staar), which is the procedure of choice for correcting low to moderate myopia, negates the possibility of halos, glares and dry eyes because the optic corrective zone is larger. In effect, the larger pupil size is corrected with this treatment.

Phakic IOL is widely considered to be the best option for correcting low to moderate myopia. Furthermore, EVO+ Visian ICL (Staar) vision correction treatment also provides the same or greater efficacy, safety and advantages when compared to laser vision correction procedures.

The other advantages of  EVO+ Visian ICL (Staar) vision correction treatment compared with laser vision correction procedures are:

  • ICL implantation is reversible
  • It provides superior quality of vision outcomes
  • Has no dry eye issues
  • Leaves the cornea and lens unaltered.

Therefore, later in life, “patients needing cataract surgery will have predictable IOL calculations and high quality of vision”.

The EVO+ Visian ICL provides safe, effective, and predictable correction of low to moderate myopia
Dr Mertens, in the ESCRS Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery

State of the Art Technology

At Advanced Vision Care, we have the most advanced refractive surgical equipment which include’s the Centurion Vision System, Luxor LX3 With Q-VUE and the Verion Image Guided System to successfully complete EVO+ Visian ICL (Staar) treatments with excellent outcomes
Dr CT Pillai

These advanced tools enable our surgeons to construct the most detailed digital imagery of any patient’s eye.

The Verion Image Guided System gives our surgeons the ability to inspect incisions in great detail – which helps increase accuracy and eliminate all errors. The Centurion Vision System is described by experts within the refractive surgery field as the best phacoemulsification system available anywhere. Finally, the Q-VUE helps provide highly accurate eye visualisation during surgery.

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