I have seen the extra mile AVC goes for their patients

When my son and daughter, who followed my career to become optometrists, needed vision correction, I had no hesitation to recommend AVC. As they were not suitable for laser treatment, they both underwent Evo Visian ICL (Implantable Contact Lenses) given their prescriptions were very high. My son had the surgery 8 years ago and my daughter 4 years ago and both are delighted at with their vision. When I developed cataracts, I choose AVC to have my cataracts replaced with Trifocals to get rid of my distance and reading glasses. For the first time I experienced the process as a patient (with a unique view as an optometrist) and have seen the extra mile AVC goes for their patients. I am happy as an optometrist in regards to my care as a patient and more delighted as a family man given me and my children had excellent results and care from AVC’s expert team.

Kalsi (Optometrist) Cataracts surgery with Trifocal IOL Implants in April 2018 

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Advanced Vision Care partnered with Vision Aid Overseas 13 years ago.

Over 6000 AVC patients have donated their glasses to help those less fortunate to see the world the way it is meant to be seen.

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