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How likely am I going to be suitable for vision correction surgery?

The quick answer to that, is most likely.

Many people have concerns that they might not be suitable for laser or non-laser eye surgery, either because they have high prescriptions, an eye disease, or have been told by other eye clinics that they’re unsuitable.
If another clinic has said no…

It’s is usually because their goal to ensure highly consistent results by only accepting the least complicated cases that they will be able to turn around quickly.
Advanced Vision Care has over 24 years combined experience in both treating, and pioneering research into, ocular surgery. Needless to say, few surgeons at other clinics know what the limitations are, and how to treat more complicated cases. Furthermore, the technologies they we have at our disposal are far superior than at many other clinics, so we are able to offer treatments that aren’t available anywhere else.

If you’re pregnant or under 21

You will not be suitable for eye surgery at AVC if you’re under the age of 21, even though the legal minimum age requirement is 18. The reason for this is because prescriptions usually don’t stabilise until people are 21, a factor that AVC take into account during their consultations.

Similarly, women who are breastfeeding or pregnant are not advised to have eye surgery. Hormonal activity during this period affects vision, making it difficult for AVC’s surgeons to make an accurate assessment. Furthermore, medication may be required after the treatment, and this may have an adverse effect on the child being breastfed.

In both scenarios, the simple solution is to wait – either until you’re 21, or for at least for 2 months after you’ve stopped breastfeeding.

If you have a lazy eye

There is a chance that you might not be suitable for eye surgery – simply because amblyopia is a defect that occurs at a cortical level  and isn’t a prescription issue. However, patients with a mild lazy eye do show marked improvements after surgery, so you’re well advised to book a consultation with one of AVC’s expert surgeons to find out what your chances are.

If you’re diabetic

Again, prognosis depends on how well your diabetes is controlled.  An Insulin-dependent diabetic  who is well controlled with no associated retinal problems will be able to have laser eye surgery.

If you have Glaucoma

Uncontrolled Glaucoma or patients with visual filed problems are not suitable for treatment. But if your eye pressure is borderline or well controlled , you might be suitable for laser treatment.

But if you are

Worried that you might be too old, have too thin corneas, have keratoconus, dry eyes, or  large pupils, there is a 98% probability that Advanced Vision Care’s specialist surgeons will be able to help you to a very high degree of success with laser or non laser treatments. AVC is one of the few clinics who offer bespoke comprehensive vision correction treatments in UK .

It goes without saying that if you are on meditation, or taking prescription drugs, it’s absolutely essential that you inform the surgeon of this during your consultation. Although this isn’t a contraindication towards your suitability, it is an important factor that will have to be taken into account when preparing your treatment.

Advanced Vision Clinic take their approach to patient care very seriously, and offering the gift of improved sight is very important to them. If you have any questions or concern about your suitability feel free to contact our Harley Street clinic for more advice, or raise your concerns with the surgeon during your assessment consultation.

By Mr CT PIllai

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