How Laser Eye Treatment Will Change Your Life

There is no doubt that laser eye treatments will make a considerable difference to your quality of life.

Though glasses and contact lenses have their place and are amazing inventions in their own right, people who have had lens implant surgery always state their quality of life has improved.

“The outcome has exceeded my expectations. My long distance vision now is excellent.”

So let us take a look at activities which can be improved through having better vision.

Playing Sport

sports and laser eye surgeryWithout question playing sport, regardless of what it is, requires good vision.

Think about how much easier heading the ball will be without worrying about contact lenses. How your forehand smash or your golf swing will improve.

Think about the improvements in precision. How much more aware you will be of traffic while cycling or running. Better eyesight takes the “what if I lose my glasses?” factor out of the equation.

You will not have to worry about your glasses or losing a lens ever again. The fact is that you will be better at your chosen sport when you are not worrying about your glasses and contact lenses.

Looking After Children

playing with children

Playing with your children, reading to your children, taking them to the park – all of this is enhanced with better vision.

The glasses and contact lens factor is no longer an issue. You will have better peace of mind. You will have better quality time with your children. Also, little children will not grab your glasses ever again.


We all need a good night out from time to time.

This time can be enhanced without worrying about where your glasses are, or if you have lost a lens. Also with corrective eye surgery, any social stigma you have ever experienced through wearing glasses will vanish.

There are so many positive benefits through having laser eye treatments.

Lens Implant Surgery Benefits

Lens Implant Surgery also comes with numerous advantages:


lens implantsWouldn’t it be nice to pick up a book and not have to wonder where your glasses are? Read fine print without out the aid of your glasses?

This is where lens implant surgery comes into its own. Reading without glasses is a top benefit of this type of procedure.

Eye surgery is constantly being researched and improved. A few decades ago it was a pipe dream, now it has become a routine procedure. Eye surgeons work quickly, efficiently and with care. The demand for eyesight corrective surgery is high. And so is the success rate.

Eye Surgery at AVC

Advanced Vision Care has pioneered laser and non-laser eye surgery for the last 25 years.

99% of our patients leave us with 20/20 vision. 100% leaves us with driving standard eyesight.

The improvement in the quality of life cannot be overstated. No more losing your glasses and replacing contact lenses. One of our patients summed this up quite nicely:

“I can see very well now and it is wonderful to wake up and be able to see clearly.”

As well as being a leading authority on corrective eye surgery, we also offer interest-free flexible pricing to make your treatment more affordable. There can be no doubt that people that rely on glasses would love to be able to be free of them. We now live in an age where you can be.

So why not improve your quality of life TODAY and call AVC on 0800 652 4878 and request your free information pack or book your consultation to find out how we can help you.

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