High Tech Sights

We all need our vision to use the high technologies at our fingertips these days. It’s like the point in the past when personal cassette players, then iPods, became enormously popular; people began using earbuds too much and hearing became a new tech issue. Eyesight, of course, with all the emphasis that we place on seeing screens, is an invaluable capability and one that is not to be neglected.

Seeing the Future

Although perhaps over the years, watching science fiction and documentaries about the latest medical advances, some of us may assume that humanity basically is on a curve towards conquering the loss of hearing, vision or other neurologically-rooted physical senses.


And, it is true that implants to replace partial hearing, and, new patches between artificial eyes and the brain have been developed. But they are obviously not here yet. The point is that this is only one branch of the latest medical knowledge, which we are mastering steadily.

The other big, exciting branch of eye medicine in particular is on the preventative and treatment side. The newest healing capabilities of this area of science and medicine and clinical care will probably astound most anybody who is not familiar with the news.

Joys of 20/20

At the very least, despite grandiose visions of the future and hopes in medicine, we now do possess the ability to treat and greatly improve a whole host of maladies. Again, many people are living with conditions that they could have cleared up easily years ago. But they don’t know it.

Interestingly, the Web, a very visual medium, is helping people who have sight issues find help. Whether a person is worried about losing vision, or wants to learn better eye health and maintenance, often people find help faster online than navigating the land-based medical system immediately.

Whether a person’s fancy is a Tablet casino or getting an online degree, the great news is that common vision problems can be fixed today. Maybe shocking, but it’s quite true. Fortunately screen technology and eyesight therapies are advancing and converging, since clear vision and the joy of the Web go together.

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