High Definition Vision Look No Further than Visian ICL

Patients who are ineligible for laser eye treatment may think that they’re doomed to a life of disposable or scratched contact lenses, but that’s not the case. The specialist treatment of Visian Implantable Contact Lenses (Visian ICL) available at Advanced Vision Care can help correct extremes of short- and long-sightedness and astigmatism.

The myopic version of the Visian ICL is currently the only model approved for use in the United States. The beauty of Visian ICL procedure is that it is so straightforward – it’s a 30-minute treatment; there are no injections or stitches, just a new set of lenses and fantastic eyesight.

Advanced Vision Care (AVC) pioneered this revolutionary treatment in the UK and it’s a testament to the procedure that one of their own surgeons – Dr Goran Helgason – underwent Visian ICL nearly ten years ago with amazing results. It really is that good.

The treatment itself is non-invasive and involves inserting a miniature permanent contact lens in front of the human lens that sharpens images and brings them into focus. The process itself takes around 30 minutes per eye – quicker than a lot of dental work – and, with one eye treated at a time and surgeries anything between one day and two weeks apart, patients are able to go about their normal routines while the treatment heals. Eye drops are used to anaesthetise the local area (no injections or needles!), a self-healing micro-incision is made and the new lens is put into place. It really is a very simple operation and one that is used the world over with excellent results – 500,000 operations and counting.

In fact, the US Army was so impressed with Visian ICL that they implemented it as their go-to treatment for new recruits who needed corrective surgery. Clear vision is imperative if you’re a fighter pilot or keeping your wits about you on the front line, and all of the military personnel questioned reported much better vision than with glasses or contact lenses. In tests, 98% of patients achieve 20/20 vision and over 80% achieve better than 20/20. Imagine having eyesight that good – clearer and sharper than you’ve ever had it before.

Just like a previous ICL patient Emma Riddell from London who after surgery with Advanced Vision Care remarked:
“I knew that Laser surgery was not an option as I was very short-sighted, I had implantable contact lenses done and am thrilled with the results. My vision is now clearer than it was with contact lenses/glasses. I would highly recommend this treatment from Advanced Vision Care to family and friends.”

Visian ICL treatment is normally available to those whose eyesight makes them an unsuitable candidate for laser eye surgery. If you think this may apply to you, please feel free to contact Advanced Vision Care for a consultation.

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