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Lynda Bellingham Awarded OBE – AVC Friend, Celebrity, Actress

Lynda Bellingham is probably best known for the Oxo ads.

Night after night, we saw her and her family using the famous seasonings in various dishes. These ads are one of the longest running ads in the history of advertising. We also know her from her various television and stage acting roles, and, of course, we know her as being a panelist on the lifestyle show Loose Women.

Lynda is one of our favourite celebrities. She is also a former patient at the AVC clinic on Harley Street.

We were delighted when we heard she was to be honoured with an OBE in the New Year’s Honours List. Given that she has been battling cancer for the last year, coupled with her tireless campaigning for cancer charities, we could not think of anyone who deserves an OBE more than she does.

In 2012 we treated Lynda. She required laser surgery on her eyes. ur treatment of her eye condition was successful as it is with the vast majority of our patients, and she was able to continue acting and performing without the need for contact lenses or glasses.

20/20 Vision can Change your Life

Like most professions having 20/20 vision without the need for glasses and contact lenses is a great boost.

In acting, it makes it easier to wear props and costumes, and to perform certain sequences such as stunts. Say, for example, you are playing a role which requires the wearing of glasses, with 20/20 vision you can just have plain lenses. If your vision is not quite there, the lenses may have to be proper glasses and, subsequently, this can mean delays to the production and extra sourcing for some of the crew.

Of course it is not just work where 20/20 vision comes into its own.

Sports, reading, playing with the kids, driving, shopping and taking in a brilliant view, all benefit considerably from not having to think about keeping glasses around your ears, or keeping your contact lenses in place. Not to mention the pain of losing your glasses, sitting on them or ensuring your hands are clean every time you replace or take out a contact lens. Not many people realise that it is cheaper to have laser eye surgery than to continuously invest in new glasses and contact lenses in the long run.

Eye surgery has transformed the lives of millions of people. Whether it is through laser eye surgery or other treatments such as lens exchange, their vision problems have been eradicated and their quality of life improved remarkably.

Lynda discovered that eye surgery will change your life. She loved the fact it was pain free and the difference it has made to her life. You can read Linda’s AVC story here.

We are so happy for Lynda being awarded her OBE on a number of levels. She is an inspiration to many people for many different reasons, and we wish her well and all the best for the future.

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