Focusing on the Problem with Vision

focusing on the problem with visionIn a recent article in the New Scientist (23rd May 2015) focusing on the problem with vision, poor vision is described as one of the world’s most common ailments with numbers consistently growing. It is believed this is caused by everyday environmental factors and it is estimated by the World Health Organisation that 153 million people globally have uncorrected vision. Poor vision is attributed to difficulties in education, everyday life and work making life difficult for all those affected.

It is estimated that by 2030 eyesight will be one of the top 10 health issues in the world in terms of productivity and opportunities. The article discusses how advancements in spectacles and the pioneering of the One Dollar Glasses project will allow for people in the developing world to have access to ultra-cheap reusable glasses and help those that don’t have access to an optometrist or funds to buy glasses to correct their vision.

Focusing on the Problem with Vision

Vision impairment can be debilitating, forcing those with high prescriptions to be completely dependent on visual aids but this dependency can prove problematic. Glasses are not always able to accommodate active lifestyles and overuse of contact lenses invites a host of problems like dry eyes, infections and even ulcers.

In the long term, overuse of contacts can potentially lead to blepharitis or corneal neovascularization. Your eyesight is important and it is always advised that you seek professional advice about the best solution for you and your lifestyle needs.

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