Five Eye Catching Facts About Vision Correction

Eye health and good vision can often be taken for granted – until, that is, we find our eyesight deteriorating. Fortunately, thanks to some relatively recent and ground breaking advances in science and technology, there are now permanent vision correction options for a variety of vision conditions.

So, whether you’re cursing your cataracts or being kicked by keratoconus – these eye opening facts about vision correction might just help you learn more about your vision correction options.

Facts About Vision Correction

1. Cataracts Are Inevitable

In a recent survey, a majority 75% of people asked believed that cataracts can be prevented. Unfortunately, the truth is that if someone lives long enough, they are likely to develop a cataract in one if not both eyes. This age related condition impacts millions of people worldwide. The good news is that with breakthroughs in technology it is now a relatively simple and comfortable procedure to fix cataracts.

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2. Eyes Likes What Eyes Sees

The most common eye colour is brown, and, in fact, humans see with their brains and not their eyes. The eye’s role is to be, in effect, a camera, which takes on light and sends data back to the brain to be processed into the images we see. In the UK approximately two million people are believed to be suffering from some form of visual impairment.

3. 285 Million

This is the number of people in the world who are believed to be visually impaired in some way (according to the World Health Organization).

4. Inch Perfect

The human eye is about 1 inch across weighing approximately 0.25 ounces. They have different types of cell shapes, each performing a different function. For example, rod-shaped cells facilitate the eye to process shapes while cone-celled shapes facilitate the processing of colour.

5. Some Of The More Common Vision Disorders

Cataracts, keratoconus, long and short-sightedness and astigmatism are some of the most common eye problems that may be corrected by vision correction treatments.

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