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Decades ago, there was precious little in the way of safe, reliable and effective vision correction treatment. What few procedures were available came with a heightened risk of complications, which meant victims of poor eyesight were often condemned to a life sentence of bespectacled vision.

Today, in 2015, things could not be more different. Thanks to a major evolution in technology and vision correction procedures, those suffering from even more complex prescriptions can enjoy safe and permanent vision correction with impeccable results. From LASIK and LASEK Eye Surgery to Lens Replacement, Implantable Contact Lenses and Cataract Removal – Advanced Vision Care have the experience and technology to restore your vision to perfection.

The major vision correction treatments we provide include:

Advanced Wavefront LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK  eye treatment is currently the most popular and sought after treatment solution in the world. The surgery is very safe, fast and effective -– patients also enjoy faster healing times than any other type of laser treatment.

Beware, not all clinics offer the same type or pedigree of LASIK eye treatment. For example, the IntraLase laser technology used by leading eye clinics like AVC is completely blade free, and our Advanced Wavefront equipment empowers surgeons to create highly accurate and customised surgical plans for each patient.

LASIK eye surgery at AVC is as cutting edge as it gets. Not only does our clinic use Advanced Wavefront IntraLase, but our surgeons have unsurpassed experience with laser eye surgery. Our lead surgeon, Dr CT Pillai, is recognised within the industry as one of the leading surgeons in the world. We are immensely proud that under his stewardship, 100% of AVC patients have achieved driving standard vision following laser treatment at AVC.

Typically, a patient would qualify for treatment when having the following prescription:

-10.00DS (short sight)
+5.00DS (long sight)
-5.00DC (astigmatism)

LASEK Surgery

LASEK is an alternative treatment for patients who may not be suitable for LASIK. LASEK may be recommended for patients who possess thin corneas or play contact sports as a profession. A surgeon may also recommend LASEK when they are concerned that too little corneal tissue could be left after LASIK surgery.

LASEK suitability is for up to the following prescriptions:

-8.00DS (short sight)

+2.00DS (long sight)

-5.00DS (astigmatism)

Private Cataract Treatment

Cataracts are among the most common vision problems experienced by people in the UK, particularly among the ageing. The condition is caused when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy over time:

private cataract treatment

Private cataract treatment at Advanced Vision Care is the most sophisticated available nationwide. In fact, our new Lens Replacement theatre – the Alcon Suite – was featured in The Daily Express recently for just that reason.

The Alcon Suite at AVC is unique because it houses three groundbreaking pieces of Lens Replacement equipment in one place. These are the Verion Image Guided System (for superior image construction of the human eye), the Centurion Vision System (an advanced phacoemulsification system) and the Luxor LX3 with Q-VUE (for unrivalled visualisation). Indeed, Advanced Vision Care is proud that the Alcon Suite is the only place in the nation where all three of these technologies are collectively available for use.

Read more about our unrivalled cataract removal – AVC’s new Alcon Suite.

Lens Replacement Surgery & Implantable Contact Lens

Lens Replacement treatment is a non-laser procedure most suitable for those over the age of 45. CLE procedures have become far more effective and safe over the years, and nowhere more so than in Advanced Vision Care’s new Alcon Suite as described above.

Another popular non-laser treatment is the Implantable Contact Lens (Visian ICL). It provides the same incredible results as LASIK Advanced Wavefront treatment.

This is most often the course taken by patients that are deemed unsuitable for laser eye surgery, and may be used for the following prescriptions:

-25.00DS (short sight)

+12.00DS (long sight)

-5.00DS (astigmatism)

Not only are Lens Replacement and Implantable Contact Lens procedures at AVC done in our cutting edge Alcon Suite, but we also fly in two of the world’s finest surgeons from their home countries to carry them out. Read more about AVC surgeons Dr Helgason and Dr Filipec who are two of the leading lights of global refractive surgery.

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