Eye Surgery Case Studies

Eye Surgery Case Study 1

A life changing experience

This patient is a man in his twenties who was tired of having to wear glasses all day every day and wanted freedom from this dependency. His prescription was RE -2.50/-0.50 and LE -3.25/-0.25. He attended consultations at various clinics but did not feel confident with any of them. Once he attended his comprehensive consultation at AVC and meeting with his surgeon Dr Pillai, he was reassured and went ahead with Lasik treatment. His prescription was corrected to better than 20/20 and his life has been transformed.

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Eye Surgery Case Study 2

Achieving vision never seen before

This is a case study of a man in his fifties who developed presbyopia and was advised to wear glasses on top of his contact lenses. He had natural monovision and had worn contact lenses for thirty years. He had a prescription of RE: +2.75/-1.75 and LE: +1.75/-1.25. The patient was tired of his dependency on visual aids and attended a consultation at AVC to see how we could help him. He was found suitable for Lens Replacement Trifocal IOL and undertook treatment a year ago. Since treatment his life has been transformed and he is astounded at the quality of his vision he has achieved.

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