Eye Conditions – Stop Suffering like Linda Lusardi

When it comes to eye conditions, former page 3 star and actress Linda Lusardi suffered from a very common one known as dry eye syndrome for years. The condition made her eyes extremely sore, and her eyes would stream constantly as if they had been stung. It was a massive inconvenience for the former model. She had to constantly apply eye drops, and if she went outside she would have to wear dark glasses.

Happily, Linda, who decided to have laser eye surgery with AVC, has successfully managed to overcome her condition by changing her diet. Click here to find out more about the surgery.

Others, however, are not so lucky. Here we look at a range of eye conditions that eye surgery can help.

Eye Conditions – Cataracts

Eye surgery provides the perfect treatment for this condition. Rather than losing your sight as your vision clouds over, our treatment inserts an artificial lens into your eye, replacing your lens which is becoming cloudier by the second.

We offer a range of lenses independently sourced. They are either trifocal or multifocal and will remove the fogginess and enable you to see more clearly.

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Eye Conditions – Keratoconus

To prevent your cornea thinning to the point where you can no longer see, we use two procedures which slow and often halt the progression of this condition: Cross-Linking and INTACS (stromal inserts). Cross-linking strengthens your thinning cornea while stromal inserts (INTACS) flattens the curvature of your cornea.

If your refraction remains high, eye surgery may be required to correct it.

If you do not require surgery, then recovery is fast as there are no incisions during the procedure.

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Combating Age

As we get older, our vision tends to deteriorate. For most of us, it is all downhill from 45 years plus. Our Lens Replacement procedure is a non-laser eye treatment which replaces your deteriorating crystalline lens with an artificial brand new lens. Thus, you can see clearly once more without glasses.

The treatment can address both near and far-sighted astigmatisms, and after the treatment, you will no longer need glasses and your risk of cataracts is zero.

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Suffering Every Day

There is no need to suffer from these conditions and let them impact on your life. A day with us at our clinic and you can soon be behind the wheel again or reading the newspaper without rooting around trying to find your glasses first.

So, why suffer as Linda Lusardi did for all those years? Do yourself a favour and get the treatment you need to get your life back on track today.

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