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The use of the best technology by a highly skilled surgeon is what gives the best success rates in laser treatment. The technology is being refined and developed all the time. At AVC we select the technology we use very carefully; all our equipment is trialled by our surgical teams extensively before being used. In this post we look at the technology we use at AVC and why our investment in it benefits you. Read on to discover why laser eye surgery at AVC is so effective.

Eye Mapping Technology at AVC

The importance of good eye mapping technology cannot be overstated for laser treatment. Each eye is as individual as our fingerprints. The role of technology here is to map your eye and then using this map, the laser is programmed to treat each individual eye condition.

We use three machines to map your eye and programne the laser for surgery:

Orbscan IIz – This is by far the most advanced corneal mapping technology on the market. It scans your cornea and uses 3D rendering to create an eye map consisting of 9000 data points. Surgeons can see the thickness of your cornea and assess what treatments are needed to improve your vision.

Zywave Aberrometer – This highly clever machine was designed and built on the principle that the perfect eye would allow light to pass through it. As no eye is aberration free, the light waves scatter creating a unique wavefront. Your wavefront is as unique as your fingerprints. The machine produces a wavefront map which our surgical teams use to create an individual treatment plan for you.

Zyoptix Diagnostic Workstation – This machine takes the data acquired from the Orbscan IIz and the Zywave Aberrometer to program the laser and treat your eye condition to help you see clearly without visual aids.

Eye Tracking Technology

The Advanced Control Eye-Tracking (ACE) system has been configured to track eye movements during surgical procedures and adjust the laser accordingly. This ensures that should you move your eye during treatment; the laser will be able to adjust to ensure the right area of your eye is treated. This is a very precise piece of technology that is able to adjust 250 times per second. This ensures that even if you move your eye very slightly, your treatment will not be affected and if there are any sudden movements, like a sneeze, the tracker will stop the treatment.

IntraLase – IntraLase technology has allowed eye surgeons to use a precision laser to create the corneal flap. This is standard for practice for most laser eye surgeries. The introduction of the IntraLase has allowed our surgeons to reduce the usage of the XP microkeratome, which is a bladed device. As such, our laser eye treatment has become even more effective and has assisted in other aspects such as recovery times.

Our investment in technology has brought several clear benefits to you, the patient. Such as;

  • Removing less corneal material during treatment. This has enabled us to treat more patients
  • Higher quality surgeries enabling better success rates than clinics which use standard LASIK laser eye technology. Contrasting colours tend to be more vivid and our patients tend to see better in poor light.
  • Faster recovery times allowing you to get back to your life quicker.

Our surgeons are some of the finest in the world and all the technology used is trialled and approved by them. With the best surgeons only selecting the best technology is why AVC’s success rates are exemplary and we are one of the best vision correction clinics in the UK.

Interested in Laser Eye Surgery?

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